Our Team

Dedicated to your Wellbeing

Our experienced team of doctors bring an unmatched level of dedication to providing the highest quality of healthcare. Each is focussed on maintaining the health of your entire family while taking a holistic approach to improved wellbeing.

Dr. Zakirul Islam (Male Practitioner)


To enjoy and love what I do is a great privilege that Medicine has given me.

My profound interest extends to every area of general Medicine, each and every patient is special to me and I look forward to each opportunity to enhance the well-being of individuals and families.

I look forward to sharing our ideas and experiences as individuals and families and walk together with you.

My Mother always wanted me to be a Doctor. When I was a young boy and teenager, I never understood “why”. She used to talk about “compassion”.

Working in different communities around the world in different areas of medicine, I understand why my Mother wanted me to be a doctor.

I can tell you, I may not be able to solve each and every problem presented to me but I can guarantee you that I will listen and try my best to find the best solution together.

Dr Nahida Saeed (Female Practitioner)


Dr Muhammad Hussain (Male Practitioner)


Patrea O'Donoghue (Psychologist)


Christine Xie (Podiatrist)

Christine Xie is a Qld registered, highly skilled (16 years clinical experience) trustworthy Podiatrist with a warm and approachable manner thoroughly helpings you with:

Nails cut 

Thicken & Fungal nails 

Corns & Callus 

Ingrown toenails 

Cracked heels

Diabetic foot care

Foot pain


(Language: English, Cantonese & Mandarin)